Allied products

A number production, installation and supply job have done under Allied category throughout the country on different sectors. Some of those are listed here.

SN Name/Description of Job Quantity Client
1. Fabrication of Piston. 10 Eastern Refinery Ltd.
2. Machining of Guide Roller 18 Chittagong Steel Mill Ltd.
3. Portable Steel Bridge (50 x 12 ft) 2 Water Development Board
4. Collector Drum for vacuum unloader 8 Chittagong Urea Fertilizer
5. 16.8 m Electric tower repair & reinstallation 4 Chittagong Port Authority
6. Portable Steel Bridge (40 x 12 ft) for 30 ton capacity 1 Bangladesh Gas Fields Ltd.
7. Feed Box, Washing Feed Box & Support fabrication and supply 1 lot Sylhet Pulp & Papers Mill Ltd.
8. Conveyor belt fabrication 2 Chittagong Steel Mill Ltd.
9. Fabrication of Sulfur Furnace Shed, Drying tower tank, Distribution tray 5 TSP Complex Ltd.
10. Manufacturing of structure for jetty unloading belt conveyor system. 1 TSP Complex Ltd.
11. Construction and supply of 16,000 Sq. Ft. factory shed. 1 Eastern Cables Ltd, Ctg.
12. Fabrication, supply & erection of Foot Over Steel Bridge 1 1 Sylhet Zilla Parishad
13. Planning, Design & Construction of Environmental Management Unit, Store for Desalinations & Water Treatment Plant. 1 Chittagong Port Authority
14. Supply & Fitting-Fixing steel fencing around ‘D’ yard. 27 sections Chittagong Port Authority
15. Dismantling & Refitting of existing gangway including one gate. 2 Marine Fisheries Surveillance Check Post
16.  Extension & Installation of 20 ft long cause way including pilling works  1 Marine Fisheries Surveillance Check Post
17. Fabrication, Carrying & Installation of Foot Over Steel Bridge  1 Sylhet City Corporation
18. Manufacturing, Supplying, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Rack System Reefer Container panels Chittagong Port Authority
19. Extension of existing Foot Over Bridge of Rangpur Bypass  1  RH & D, Rangpur
20.  Manufacturing of 100 ft long Portable Steel Bridge  1  CDDL