Dry Dock

⦁ Length x Breadth x Depth: 182.9m x 27.4m x 13.1m (600’ x 90’ x 43’)
⦁ Dock bottom: at 21’ from mean sea level.
⦁ Top of service gallery: at +22’ from mean sea level.
⦁ Height of silt above dock bottom: 1.38m
⦁ Depth of silt at mean high water at spring tides: 11.72m
⦁ Difference between mean high water at spring and mean tides: 1.69m
⦁ Maxm. Size of ship that can be dock: LOA x Bm x DWT: 570’ x 75’ x 20,000 MT.
⦁ Cranes: Port side: 40 MT/10 MT at 24.3m/37.2m radius.
Stbd Side: 15 MT/5 MT at 30.5m/37.5m radius.
⦁ Capstans: 20 MT x 2 nos.
15 MT x 2 nos.
⦁ Rendering winch: 15 MT x 1 no.
⦁ Central keel blocks: 110 nos. (with electro-magnetic signal switch at every 11th blocks).
⦁ Electro-hydraulic bilge blocks: 22 nos
⦁ Main De-watering pumps: 3 nos. x 6000 MT/hr. (average).
⦁ All De-watering, drainage and fire-fighting pumps, hydraulic sluice-gates for dock filling and the electro-hydraulic bilge blocks are remote controlled from the central control room.
⦁ Dock De-watering time: 3.5 hours with two main de-watering pumps.⦁ Fitting-out quay (Jetty):
⦁ Length: 342 meters for mooring/berthing of 2 nos. 20,000 DWT vessels at a time.
⦁ Cranes: 50 MT/15 MT at 24.3m x 37.2m radius
15 MT/37m radius.

Workshop Complex

Machine Shop: 120m x 60m (nine-bay) workshop equipped with different machines for turning, milling, drilling, shaping, boring, flanging, honing, lapping, grinding, tools for metal and wood working and also with 10 nos. E.O.T (Electric Overhead Travelling) Cranes having lifting capacities ranging from 3.2 MT to 25 MT.
Fabrication Shop: 60m x 36m (Two-bay) workshop equipped with different machine for cutting, shearing, bending, pressing, rolling, welding and tools and steel & pipe fabrication works and also with 4 nos. E.O.T. (Electric Overhead Travelling) cranes having lifting capacities ranging from 3.2MT to 12.5MT.
In addition to the above Dry Dock has got inspection and testing equipment’s like – Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Magneto Crack Tester, X-ray Device, Injector Testing equipment, Explosive Gas Detection Equipment etc. and Fork Lifter, Side Fork Lifter, Truck mounted mobile cranes for material handling (3 nos. x 16mt capacity).
Power supply installations:
The yard has 3 (three) transformer stations:
TS-1 Transformer: 630 KVA x 3 nos.
TS-2 Transformer: 630 KVA x 3 nos.
250 KVA x 1 nos.
TS-3 Transformer: 630 KVA x 3 nos.
Stand-by Generator: 250 KVA x 2 nos.
Stand-by Generator: 1000 KVA x 1 no.
Shore power supply facilities: 380V & 440V A.C. (3 phase, 50 Hz)
Fresh water supply:
The yard has the facilities of supply fresh water to vessels.