Chittagong Dry Dock (CDDL)limited has fixed following Quality Objectives for the implementing them during the coming three years:

1. CDDL will gradually increase its production turnover @ 1.0% per annul (as compared to that of the previous year). For the purpose, it will gradually reduce the repair time (both in dock and afloat condition) to achieve a cost-effective level through proper utilization of resources and by adopting disciplined management practices. In a bid to achieve this increased turnover,it will continuously improve its productivity; reduce the rework and wastage,simultaneously meeting the requirements of international standards and regulations.

2. With a view to achieving a continuously increased Customer Confidence and satisfaction, CDDL will be customer responsive and service oriented for all its services and products. It will solve customer complaints by at least 40% within 1(one) year of receiving complaint, through addressing all complaints and also the negative comments (if any) made in the customer Feedback Reports(treating those as also customer complaints).

3. CDDL will effectively utilize manpower in order to reduce the man-hour loss/wastage thereby to increase the man-hour utilization @ 1% per annul compared to the previous year